Gerry & Anna Lipscomb

Sherrie Smith is something very rare in today’s market: a realtor who cares more about her clients than her commission. I can tell you from experience. My wife and I have worked with Sherrie on three transactions. The first was the sale of our first home–a small three-bedroom ranch in Durham that sold for about $180,000. The most recent was the purchase of a lot in Raleigh, inside the beltline, for $1,200,000. She treated us the same every time. She listened and she fought for our interests. She researched the properties. And she was ALWAYS honest with us–even if it wasn’t in her best interest. She saved us a few times when she said that if it were her, she would walk away. We recommended her to my wife’s parents and probably a dozen friends and I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about her. Sherrie is a mother of three and has lived in the area a long time. She also has a background in home construction, which we found very helpful when touring the homes (she identified a lot of issues before they came up on the home inspection that enabled us to walk-away from a few homes without even making an offer and going through inspections). Send her an email. It’s worth having coffee to see if it’s a good fit.

— Gerry Lipscomb